The Vantage Program

  • We are a virtual finance company that connects independent auto dealerships to a spectrum of lenders. Call us to see which lenders we have available for your state!
  • We provide all forms necessary to finance your buyer with our lenders
  • We present extended service agreements, GAP, tire and wheel and PDR products as options available to all consumers to protect their purchase
  • Each application is reviewed by a finance representative and if not approved, rehashed by an F&I professional who strives to obtain the best terms for the customer and maximum front end for the dealer
  • We perform fact finding interviews with the applicants to protect the dealer, customer, and lenders
  • We discuss payment options and perform proper disclosures to customers
  • We revenue share back-end products sold with the dealer, paid out monthly
  • Dealer receives front-end funds via ACH immediately after the bank funds the loan AND after the title has been issued by the state
  • We can assist in your out-of-state vehicle sales by performing the title transfer on your behalf
  • We will fund once all required title transfer paperwork is received; no need to wait for lien perfection in this case!
  • There is no recourse with the exception of fraud, misrepresentation of vehicle or consumer’s credit application information or inability to provide proper evidence of title issuance
  • Enrollment is free! The only cost to you is a small per funded deal fee after the deal is booked
  • Enrollment documents will be emailed to you up-front and must be received prior to funding your first deal

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No Monthly or Signup Fees

Improve Customers Satisfaction

Credit Bureau

Higher Per Car

Floor Plan

Turnkey F&I


National Lenders

F&I Department

Want The Ability to Pull Credit Bureaus?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Vantage Finance?

Vantage is a virtual finance company that sells aftermarket products to consumers on behalf of the dealer and connects independent auto dealerships to competitive prime, non-prime and sub-prime lenders.

What Lenders does Vantage have access to?

Our lenders include California Republic Bank, Blue Ridge Bank and Trust, 1803 Capital, Wells Fargo Dealer Services, Westlake Financial Services, Tidewater Finance, Automobile Acceptance Corporation, and UDrive Acceptance Corporation. Not all lenders are available in every state. Call Vantage for more information 402.315.3329.

How does the process work?

Once the credit application is received by Vantage, one of our finance professionals will review the applicant’s information and credit report. Our representative interviews the applicant to better understand their credit history and verify their credit application information. Once the lender approves the request, the decision will be conveyed to the dealer through our system and via telephone. Once terms are accepted by the dealer and customer, Vantage prepares all required forms and reviews all contract information with the buyer and co-buyer. In this review, Vantage presents extended service agreement, GAP and tire and wheel options. (Vantage pays the dealer 50% of all back end products sold.) After the customer signs all paperwork, the dealer collects all required stips and remits the loan package to Vantage. Vantage processes the loan package the same day it is received. This process includes employment verification and stip review. The package is remitted to the lender and booked. Vantage contacts the dealer to advise the loan is booked. Funds are transmitted via ACH to the dealer as soon as the state is able to verify the title was issued to the new lienholder.

How much does it cost?

Submitting applications is FREE. Vantage charges a $199 fee per funded contract. We also charge a small fee to process your out-of-state title transfer. Vantage sells back end products and shares 50% of the products with the dealer. This is done to put more money in your pocket and to offset the Vantage Fee.

Is there paperwork required to enroll in the program?

Access to our lenders is free and enrollment paperwork is required to be received by Vantage prior to funding your first deal. Our documentation is similar to other lender enrollment packages. This includes a Dealer Agreement, Personal Guaranty, program outline and various banking and dealership information forms.

When will I get funded?

Depending on which mail service you use, once Vantage receives a fundable deal package and the lien is perfected and the title issued, you can expect funds to hit your account within 24 to 48 hours. It may take up to 48 hours for smaller banks to process our ACH. For example, if we release funds at 3PM on Tuesday, the dealer may not see those funds until Thursday morning. Most dealers will see funds hit their account on Wednesday.

Keep in mind that sub-prime contracts take longer to fund given the level of diligence our lenders are required to perform to properly verify the information provided.

What if my sold vehicle’s title is held by the floor plan?

Vantage will be happy to advance the funds from the contract directly to your floor plan provider if they agree to send the original title to Vantage and the dealership agrees to allow Vantage to handle the title transfer to the new consumer. The customer or dealer must provide a notarized power of attorney, all required state emissions, safety inspections forms, proof of insurance and odometer statement in order for Vantage Finance to process the title transfer.

What if my floor-plan company will not release the title to Vantage?

Unfortunately, we would be unable to pay your floor plan company directly. The dealer would need to enroll in the Vantage Platinum Program or payoff and register the vehicle to have the title issued to the lienholder before we are able to remit funds to the dealer.

What if I sold the vehicle to a customer that lives out of state?

Vantage is able to perform the title transfer once we receive all required documents, emission, safety, or VIN inspection forms and the current ORIGINAL title for the vehicle. Vantage will fund the dealer once all the required information is received. *the dealer must still guaranty title. Vantage performs this task as part of our value proposition and as a convenience to the dealer.

What if I have an out-of-state title and sold the vehicle to an in-state customer?

We can handle this two ways. You can perform the title transfer and lien perfection on your own, or submit the title and all required paperwork and safety/emissions tests to Vantage and we can take it from there. We can fund you once all the required forms are properly executed and received in our office.

Is there any way my dealership can get paid before the lien is transferred?

Yes. The Vantage Platinum Program allows the dealer to qualify for a title float of up to 3 units or $50,000. In order to qualify, the dealer must submit the last 6 months of bank statements, past 2 years tax returns and last year’s financial statement. Call our Dealer Relations department for more information about this program! 402.315.3329.